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Billings Best Asian Food

Our Menu

Dinner Menu

Prices listed are for dinner items only

Egg Rolls (VG)
Cabbage, carrots, onion, served with house-made Vietnamese egg roll sauce.
J P Wings & Drums
Wings and drums in house-made wing sauce.
Hot-Numbing Wings & Drums (Spicy)
Wings and drums, dry seasoned in Chinese spice blend, cilantro, and scallion.
Sichuan Lamb Dumplings (spicy)
House-made lamb dumplings, house chili oil, seasoned soy sesame, scallion, fresh Napa cabbage
Mom’s Pot Stickers
House-made – pork, Napa cabbage, ginger, and scallion.
Cream Cheese Wontons
Minced carrots and onions, served with sweet & sour sauce.
Fried Brussels (Mild)(GF)(VG)
Bacon and honey-sriracha.
Noodles & Rice
Bacon Fried Rice (GF)
Egg, scallion, green peas, and carrots.
Chicken Pad Thai (GF)
Thin rice noodles, fried egg, roasted peanuts, carrots, onions, scallion, and cilantro.
Simple Fried Rice (GF)
Chicken/Beef/Shrimp, egg, chopped romaine, and scallion.
Beef ‘Chow Fun’ (Beef & Rice Noodles)
Steak, rice noodles, bean sprouts, onions, scallion, sesame
Chicken Garlic Noodles
With bell peppers and fried garlic.

Orange Zest Chicken (VG)
Crispy battered chicken breast, scallion, and vermicelli.
Sweet & Sour Chicken (VG)
Hong Kong style sauce with bell peppers, white onion, and pineapple.
Cashew Nut Shrimp (GF)
Wild-caught white shrimp, celery, carrots, onions, bell peppers, and zucchini.
Basil & Mint Chicken
Julienned onions, cabbage, carrots, scalloin, fried shallot
‘Yah Yah’ Chicken (VG)
House-made teri-yah-ki sauce, mushrooms, onions, and scallion.
Black Bean Chicken
Bell peppers, leeks, carrots, and zucchini.
Mongolian Beef (Spicy)
Wok-charred flank steak, white onions, bell peppers, and scallion.
Three-Pepper Chicken (Spicy)(VG)
Sichuan peppercorns, serrano peppers, dried chili peppers, onions, water chestnuts, bell peppers, and carrots.
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Crispy battered chicken breast. Served with juice or milk.
Zesty Orange Chicken
Crispy battered chicken breast. Served with juice or milk.
Garlic Chicken Noodles
Served with juice or milk.

Tofu Option

Any of our meat, poultry or seafood plates can be substituted with tofu. Only the vegetarian (VG) noted dishes can be made without any animal product.

Wine – by the glass/bottle
William Weaver Chardonnay
Mattawa, Washington, Columbia Valley
William Weaver’Tattoo Girl’ Riesling
Mattawa, Washington, Columbia Valley
William Weaver Pinot Grigio
Mattawa, Washington, Columbia Valley
Silver Palm Pinot Noir
You know it’s good, just order it
William Weaver Cabernet Sauvignon
Mattawa, Washington, Columbia Valley
Diseno Malbec
Mendoza, Argentina, Mendoza
Elqui Chilean Red Blend
Carmenere, Syrah and Malbec blend – Elqui Valley, Chile
Sake – by the glass or carafe/bottle
Tozai ‘Blossom of Peace’ Plum
chilled-aromas of almond, marzipan, followed by plum, apricot, and cherry
Tozai ‘Snow Maiden’ Cloudy (Unfiltered)
chilled-bright and fresh, ricey and fruity, creamy texture and full body
Takatenjin ‘Sword of the Sun’
chilled-aromas of melon, pear, banana, subtle sweet butter flavor
Tozai ‘Typhoon’
chilled or warm-aromas of banana bread and spice, round and mellow finish
Sake Flight
three pours-Blossom of Peace, Snow Maiden, and Sword of the Sun

Beer – by the bottle
Tsing Tao
Tsingtao Brewing Co., China
Sapporo Premium Beer 22oz.
Sapporo Breweries Ltd., Japan
White Noise Hefeweizen
Uberbrew, Billings, Montana
Prickly Pear Pale Ale
Lewis & Clark Brewing Co., Helena, Montana
Bozone Select Amber Ale
Bozeman Brewing Co., Bozeman, Montana
Cold Smoke Scotch Ale 16oz.
Kettle House Brewing Co., Missoula, Montana
Czechmate Pilsner
Red Lodge Ales Brewing Company, Red Lodge, Montana
Coors Light, Bud Light
Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper
12oz. can
Hot Tea
Oolong Tea, Jasmine Tea, or Green Tea
Iced Tea
Mint Infused Lemonade
House-made, one refill offered
Kids Milk/Apple Juice

Our Reviews

This is one of our favorite restaurants in Billings. The food is great, authentic, and fresh. You can’t go wrong!
Gena B

The best place to eat in billings. I have eaten food all over the world and I am telling you this place is aaaaaamazing. The staff is killer and the food is out of control good. Plus it is a local man who owns it and is the head chef.
Breeanna R
Awesome food. The only good place in town for a ramen when it’s on the menu, plus great variety of other dishes. Service is fantastic, nice atmosphere, fair prices, and easy location for parking. This is the best Asian restaurant in town and also in the top for creative and modern dishes in general.
Christoper B
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We love everything about JP Kitchen. The atmosphere,comfort food,the quality staff,and the slightly changing menu. Kalvin,owner/chef, suggested that we try the pho today,and we were not disappointed. Nothing compares to beef broth simmering for 12 hours.
Sammie L
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