About Us

Meet the Owner

Kalvin grew up in Billings where his folks owned an American-Chinese restaurant for more than 30 years. He started bussing tables and washing dishes as soon as he could work. Learning about the restaurant and the industry by working all the different jobs, including managing the restaurant as well as cooking, he earned the skills to one day start his own place. After earning a college diploma and getting a graduate degree, he spent a number of years doing white collar work before realizing that he wasn’t cut out for the desk. More so, he wanted to have his own business after so many years of helping others build theirs. In September of 2015, J P Kitchen Asian Bistro opened. J P Kitchen serves New-Asian cuisine, akin to ‘Modern’ or ‘New-American’ cuisine. You’ll find modern interpretations of not only Chinese or American-Chinese cuisine, but Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and, occasionally, American cuisine through an Asian lens. At J P Kitchen, fresh ingredients are important for good food, but equally so, we take time for the proper techniques and making food the right way.

A Family Tradition Re-imagined

Our menu is served family style, a cultural tradition greatly valued by our own family. Sharing a meal this way is more than sitting with good company. It means taking a moment from eating the next bite to pass the rice to your neighbor. It means serving those who are eldest first; another tradition that honors those who came before us. For each family, this style of eating can mean something different. In ours, it means a father giving his child a scoop of vegetables or the best piece of the fish, so they could be nourished. Please eat how you wish, but our intention is to allow for you, our customer, to experience how we share a meal in our own home.